Easy Tips to Avoid Major Manual Transmission Repair


For many people driving a manual transmission vehicle is much more rewarding than an automatic transmission car. It keeps the driver engaged with the driving process, allows for better control of power production and can also help to increase fuel efficiency on some vehicles. However there are plenty of things that can be done wrong when driving a standard transmission car, truck or SUV. In order to get the most life out of your vehicle be sure that you never find yourself following into any of these bad manual transmission driving habits, or else you're next trip will be to the auto shop!

Keep your hand off the shifter

If you keep your hand on the shifter it puts pressure on sliders inside the tranny. This can cause excessive wear because of the preloading of the shift fork that is occurring. If you regularly leave your hand on the shifter you'll likely begin to notice a vibration radiating up through it, telling you that there is unwanted friction happening. And hey, remember that whole two hands on the wheel rule, anyway?

Don't ride the clutch

Another issue with unwanted friction is caused by leaving your foot on the clutch when you're not shifting. This will cause extra wear and tear on the clutch plate due to the contact created between the pressure plate and the flywheel. Always remember to fully remove your foot between shifts.

Unnecessary downshifting to brake

Downshifting as a form of braking is very strenuous on transmissions. When you downshift as a form of braking it not only wears out internal transmission parts but it also can cause extra wear and tear in the engine because of the constant changes in RPMs. Use your brakes to slow, that's what they're for!

Poor shifting habits

There are many ways to shift wrong, and while you may not think your habits are causing any damage, think again. There's a few key things you should never do. First of all, you have a first gear for a reason, why try to start out in second or third? Also, be sure to always fully depress the clutch when shifting. Not doing so can lead to major gear grinding. Finally, absolutely never shift into reverse if your car is rolling forward.

By falling into bad driving habits you'll find yourself needing repairs much sooner than you should. If it ever comes time for manual transmission repair in Upper Saddle River head to Gold Seal Transmissions. We provide automatic and manual transmission repair and transmission maintenance. Give us a call today at (201) 746-4201 to make an appointment for quality transmission service in New Jersey!

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Written By Brian Corey

Published By MORBiZ