Is it Time for Clutch Repair?


When people speak of a vehicle's clutch many people think about the pedal, however there is much more to the clutch system than just that lever. It also consists of linkage and a plate that stops the spinning of the transmission in order for gears to be shifted to increase or decrease torque and power production. If the clutch plate wears out it will become difficult to shift and the issue may result in grinding gears and other transmission trouble. To avoid larger problems down the road pay attention to the signs your clutch may be on its way out so you can have it repaired as necessary.

Sticky Clutch Pedal

A clutch pedal that becomes difficult to to press or a clutch pedal that now seems to rest much closer to the floor than it use to often indicates a problem with the hydraulic linkage of the clutch system. Many times this linkage may just need an adjustment, but there is a chance that a leak could spring. If the hydraulic fluid is leaking it will more than likely need to be completely replaced. It may be worth it to also replace the clutch plate while conducting this type of work to save on future labor costs.

Slipping Gears & Jerking

If the transmission seems to regularly slip out of gear and into neutral or if the vehicle seems to suddenly lurch forward for seemingly no reason at all your car may be suffering from a worn down clutch plate that needs to be replaced. There is another cause of this problem though; an oil leak that drips onto the clutch plate will result in excessive lubrication that can cause the gears to slip as well.

Burning Smell

One of the most common signs of clutch trouble comes in the form of a scent. If you catch a whiff of burning paper, or if the odor seems to linger, it is likely time for clutch repair. This smell may remind you of when you were first learning to drive a stick, as many people will ride the clutch too long coming out of first gear when they first get behind the wheel of a manual transmission vehicle. Your clutch will likely produce this smell if you commute regularly in heavy traffic. Any time you smell something odd while driving your vehicle it is a good idea to have it checked out by a mechanic to avoid further complications.

If your transmission is giving you trouble that you believe is related to your clutch system you shouldn't wait too long to have the issue checked out. For superior clutch repair in Upper Saddle River and throughout Bergen County bring your car, truck or SUV to Gold Seal Transmissions. Our team of ASE Certified technicians will be able to quickly identify and repair any issue with your clutch, or other problem with your automatic or manual transmission. Give us a call today at (201) 746-4201 to request a quote or schedule an appointment for transmission service in New Jersey.

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Written By Brian Corey

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