5 Common Types of Transmission Repair


Many parts of your vehicle will simply need to be replaced when they can no longer perform their primary function correctly. The transmission, being rather complex, can be serviced in several ways, some much more simple than others. The following are the most common types of transmission repair conducted. If you ever experience trouble shifting gears be sure to reach out to a professional transmission repair shop to ensure that it gets the service it needs.

In-car computer adjustments

There are many computers within your vehicle, including the transmission. A common issue that causes a transmission to be unable to shift at the proper times is a loose or faulty connection or broken wiring. These issues can usually be resolved without a need for removing any major parts of the transmission.

In-car non-computer repairs & adjustments

If a vehicle is having trouble shifting and it is not due to a computerized issue there is a chance that the throttle cable will need to be adjusted. Other types of in car repairs include clutch linkage repair or adjustment, fixing a vacuum modulator or replacing any number of parts that are accessible after removing the pan.

Resealing the transmission

If you have found that your vehicle is dripping a reddish colored oil it is likely that the transmission has sprung a leak, making it a candidate for a transmission reseal job. This service includes replacing the pan seal and any other exterior seals that may have dried up, split or cracked.

Transmission rebuilding

Transmissions that have numerous parts that need repair are are not functioning properly often times need to go through a complete transmission overhaul. This means that any removable parts will be machined to factory specs or replaced with new parts, essentially making the whole transmission new again.

Transmission replacement

Sometimes it makes more financial sense to simply replace the whole transmission, rather than complete any repairs or rebuilds.

At the first sign of transmission trouble it's important to get in touch with a transmission repair shop to have the issue properly diagnosed. At Gold Seal Transmission we offer complete transmission repair in Upper Saddle River for all makes and models. To schedule transmission service or to request a quote for transmission maintenance in New Jersey give us a call at (201) 746-4201 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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