Is it Time for Manual Transmission Repair?


While manual transmissions are becoming more and more rare there are still many drivers who prefer this type of transmission over an automatic. A manual transmission vehicles provides more control over engine speed and acceleration, and in some opinions, it is simply easier to stay in tune with the vehicle. Regardless as to why you drive a manual transmission car it is important that you provide it with routine service, or else you may find yourself in need of a serious repair. The following are 5 common signs it is time for manual transmission repair.

Grinding gears

One of the more common signs of transmission trouble in a stick shift auto is a grinding noise that occurs during shifting. This often represents some sort of mechanical failure that is allowing for the metal gears to grind together, instead of meshing silently as they are supposed to. It may be caused by worn or chipped gear teeth or simply inadequate lubrication.

Popping out of gear

A potentially dangerous symptom of transmission trouble is if the vehicle pops out of gear unexpectedly. More often than not this happens when accelerating out of first gear, but it could happen while in any gear. This is dangerous because if your car falls into neutral you may momentarily lose control of your ability to keep the car at speed or accelerate out of harm's way.

Burning smell while shifting

Do you remember first learning to drive a stick? There was a certain smell that would occur when you rode the clutch too hard, similar to burning paper. If this smell comes back now that you're a pro with the gear shifter it likely means it is time for a new clutch or clutch adjustment.

Transmission fluid leak

Transmission fluid is crucial for proper lubrication inside a manual transmission. If you ever find a reddish fluid leaking from under your car it is likely going to be transmission fluid. Make an appointment ASAP to have the leak fixed.

Won't go into gear

Perhaps the most obvious sign of manual transmission trouble is if the car simply won't go into a particular gear. This problem may result in a need for a complete transmission rebuild or replacement.

If you find yourself in need of manual transmission repair in Upper Saddle River or elsewhere in New Jersey be sure to make an appointment with Gold Seal Transmissions. We offer expert transmission repair for manual and automatic transmissions, as well as complete transmission factory service. Call us at (201) 746-4201 to make an appointment for expert transmission service in Bergen County.

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