Now Offering Full Service Auto Repair


Now Offering Full Service Auto RepairGold Seal Transmissions has been your source for expert transmission repair in New Jersey since 1979 and we are now proud to offer bumper to bumper auto repair for most makes and models at our shop. Our highly talented technicians can fix just about any issue your import or domestic car, truck or SUV may be suffering from. Our new services include the following, and so much more.

Engine Repair

If your vehicle is having engine issues you can trust us to get you back on the road fast. Our team is highly skilled at completing diagnostics to pinpoint issues. From poor performance to strange noises, we'll get it taken care of.

Driveability Issues

Hard starts, no starts, a rough idle, decreased fuel economy and other issues can all contribute to a poor driving experience. Whether your vehicle needs auto electric repair, a new alternator or starter or fuel system service or otherwise, we can take care of it!

Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems are critical for a safe and comfortable ride. If your journey seems a bit to bouncy or if your steering wheel tends to shake, come see us for service!


The brakes are your number one safety feature. If you notice grinding noises, experience a soft brake pedal or if your vehicle tends to vibrate as you come to a stop be sure to visit us for expert brake repair in Upper Saddle River.


The exhaust system has the critical job of removing harmful fumes from the engine, converting them to less hazardous emissions and emitting them out of the back of your car. An exhaust leak can result in poor performance and puts you at risk of co2 poisoning.

Auto Maintenance

If your car is due for routine auto maintenance come see us for dealership style service. We offer everything from oil changes and tune ups to general factory scheduled services.

Gold Seal Transmissions is still your source for expert transmission repair in Upper Saddle River, now we just offer a lot more! To learn more about our new services or to request an estimate or appointment for professional auto repair in Upper Saddle River give us a call at (201) 746-4201 today!

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Written By Brian Corey

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