What is Routine Transmission Maintenance?


Like most vehicle systems the transmission requires routine maintenance in order to remain in prime operating condition. There are numerous different services that occur during general transmission maintenance, all of which need to be done at the recommended mileage interval. For most cars and trucks this is approximately every 30,000 miles. Check your service schedule inside your owner’s manual to find out when your car is due and then call your local transmission repair specialists to have the maintenance completed.

Cleaning and removing buildup Just like the engine oil collects contaminants, the transmission can as well. This leads to the buildup of sludge that can hinder the operating of the transmission. During maintenance the technician will take the time to clean any affected parts to ensure they don’t end up needing greater repair due to this yucky debris.

Replacing the pan gasket As necessary the technician will replace the transmission pan gasket. Over time and after many miles on the road this gasket can become cracked or ripped, which may allow for transmission fluid to leak out. A loss of transmission fluid can result in numerous problems for the vehicle, including erratic shifting.

Replacing the transmission fluid filter It is necessary to replace the transmission filter during service to ensure that the fluid remains free of contaminants. Dirty or clogged filters could result in a lack of transmission fluid being distributed through the transmission and cause other undue stress.

Transmission fluid flush Finally, the transmission will be fully drained of any fluid in order to replace it with clean fluid. Be sure that your technicians are following manufacturer guidelines when refilling the transmission, as this is important if you want your vehicle to continue to shift well.

Transmission service is necessary for all vehicles. To schedule transmission maintenance in Upper Saddle River or the neighboring communities be sure to call Gold Seal Transmissions at (201) 746-4201. We are able to service all manual and automatic transmissions, as well as semi-automatic transmissions. Any time you need transmission maintenance or transmission repair in Upper Saddle River let Gold Seal Transmissions take care of all your troubles.

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