How to know if your alternator is failing


How to know if your alternator is failingA failing alternator can leave you stranded and in a difficult situation. Your alternator is what generates the power that is necessary for your engine to come roaring to life and for your electrical accessories to function properly. Here's a look at five common signs of alternator failure.

Dashboard Indicator

If your vehicle has a dashboard indicator light for this problem, you might see the letters ALT or Gen come on. Often times, this will be the very first sign that your car or truck is experiencing alternator issues.

Dead Battery

While it's normal for batteries to eventually die on their own, if you've recently purchased one and it has died, then you have reason to be suspicious of your alternator---unless of course you left your lights on.

Faltering Electrical Accessories

Problems with power windows, the radio, and other electrical accessories might also be indicative of alternator trouble.

Dimming/Flickering Headlights

It's the alternator that makes your headlights shine. If you've noticed your lights acting strangely, the alternator could be to blame.

Stalling Out

Your alternator is what keeps your pistons moving. If it fails, you could find your vehicle immobilized.

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