It's Time for Transmission Service if this Happens


It's Time for Transmission Service if this HappensOne of the most intricate parts of your vehicle is the transmission. It is tasked with transferring the power generated by the engine to the wheels in order to make them spin. If the transmission lags or otherwise has trouble it will eventually lead to transmission failure, resulting in a need for a transmission rebuild or replacement. If you notice any of these signs of transmission trouble be sure to visit the shop before it's too late!

Strange noises while shifting

One of the most common signs of transmission trouble is a grinding, whining or howling noise that occurs as you shift. This is true for both automatic and manual transmissions. A number of issues can result in weird sounds, but they're commonly caused by low fluid levels in the tranny.

Can't get into gear

One of the most obvious signs of a transmission issue is if you simply can't get into gear, or a particular gear. This is generally a more serious issue that is caused by a mechanical failure, such as a chipped gear tooth.

Burning smell while shifting

A burning odor can represent a few different issues. In a manual transmission vehicle is may indicate a worn clutch plate. However, this could also be caused by an overheating transmission caused by dirty or insufficient transmission fluid.

Popping out of gear

If the vehicle pops out of gear as you accelerate your manual transmission vehicle it is critical that you visit the shop ASAP, as this is a dangerous issue that prevents you from being able to properly control your car.

Delayed shifts

Does the engine rev high when you shift your automatic transmission from park to drive, or as it shifts between gears as you accelerate? This is often a sign of low fluid, but could also be a computer controlled problem.

Transmission fluid leak

If you spot a reddish fluid dripping from your vehicle there is a good chance it is transmission fluid. As you can tell from this article, this fluid is critical to proper transmission function. Don't hesitate to get to a transmission repair shop if you spot a leak.

Delaying transmission repairs will only allow them to get worse, and more expensive to fix. When you need transmission repair in Upper Saddle River and throughout New Jersey be sure to visit the team at Gold Seal Transmissions. We're happy to work on any make and model. Give us a call at (201) 746-4201 to make an appointment for expert transmission service in New Jersey.

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