Is it Time for Suspension Repair?


Is it Time for Suspension Repair?Today's vehicles are made up of many systems that allow for a safe, reliable and comfortable ride. While cars and trucks continue to become more and more automated, relying on computers to ensure a properly running vehicle, there are still some systems that utilize time tested parts. The components of a suspension system have advanced over the years, but shocks and struts are largely unchanged. There are some fine luxury vehicles that utilize computer aided assistance for an optimal ride, but they still rely on actual suspension. If you notice any of these common suspension problems issues be sure to have the problem checked out, as healthy suspension provides not just a comfortable ride but a safe one.


First off, if you suspect some sort of suspension trouble you can perform a quick test as an initial evaluation. Push down on the hood or trunk of the vehicle a few times to get it to bounce and then stop and watch the vehicle's reaction. After 2-3 bounces it should return to its normal ride height, if it continuously bounces, you likely need some sort of suspension repair.

Oily Struts

If you ever notice an oily substance on the struts you will likely need to get them replaced. The struts utilize a special oil and if it begins to leak the suspension will lose its ability to do its job. Your ride will become very rigid and you'll likely have control issues as the suspension fails.

One Corner of the Car Seems Lower

Does it seem like one corner of your car is lower than the others, but you don't have a flat tire? It is likely because some component of the suspension has failed and caused the corner to sink. This will cause some serious control issues so it is important to have the root cause identified and repaired.

Rolling Sensation

One of the most scary symptoms of suspension trouble is experiencing a rolling sensation as you go around a corner. If the crossbar or some other suspension parts have failed it may feel as if you are going to flip your vehicle, or at least lose control.

Suspension plays a huge role in the safety of your vehicle's ride so it is necessary to have it replaced. Check your vehicle's owner's manual to check for recommendations about how often your suspension needs to be serviced. If you need suspension repair in Upper Saddle River or throughout New Jersey be sure to visit Gold Seal Transmissions. We offer full service auto repair for all makes and models. Call Gold Seal Transmissions at (201) 746-4201 to schedule expert auto repair in Upper Saddle River today.

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