The Certifications of a Great Transmission Repair Shop


If you're having trouble getting through the gears you'll likely need to find a transmission repair shop that can service your vehicle. Before you head into just any shop you will want to make sure that the shop you choose is properly qualified to service your car or truck. By being a part of certain organizations or employing technicians with particular certifications you can rest assured that your car, truck or SUV will be cared for with the highest levels of professionalism. Look for the following logos at your local repair facility to ensure you're getting top notch service and repair.

ATSG Member

It is important to utilize a shop that is a member of the Automatic Transmission Service Group. Members of ATSG are able to provide their employees with affordable medical insurance, get business insurance and they are offered numerous other benefits. But how does the membership provide benefits to the customers? ATSG members get discounts on parts and shipping, with the savings being passed on to the customers. When your vehicle is serviced at a shop that belongs to ATSG you can be sure you'll have your vehicle returned to you in great condition. ATSG members have access to up to date repair manuals, technical bulletins as well as live access to technicians with many, many years of experience in order to answer any questions about strange problems that may occur!

ASE Certified Employees

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence provides the industry standard for all auto repair training for technicians and shops, including transmission repair. In order for a technician to become ASE certified they must go through intense training, show they have at least two years real world work experience and pass several tests, including those in their specialty area. By having ASE certified technicians service your vehicle you know you're letting a highly trained person get their hands dirty.

ATRA Member

Shops that are members of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association don't just service automatic transmissions. We provide honest, quality repair and rebuilds for manual transmissions, clutches, differentials, driveshafts, transfer cases and drive axles. As a member of ATRA a shop is able to provide a nationwide warranty for repairs on these important vehicle parts. ATRA members abide by a code of ethics that helps keep repair costs down, and repair times up!

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Written By Brian Corey

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