What Happens During Transmission Service and How Often Does My Car Need It?


Just like every other system in your car, truck van or SUV the transmission needs to be serviced on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. While changing the engine oil is by far the most common maintenance performed on vehicles, which is completed between every 3,000 and 10,000 miles depending on manufacturer recommendations, the transmission needs to be serviced much less often. Many transmission experts say to change the fluid and filter every 25,000 miles, but how often you need transmission service should depend on factory recommendations which usually vary between every 15,000 and 100,000 miles.

The transmission uses fluid to create hydraulic force to help shift the gears. This fluid, and its accompanying filter, needs to be changed every so often to ensure there is no grime or dirt built up in the fluid which can hinder the operation of the transmission. It also give your mechanic an opportunity to inspect the transmission for wear and diagnose any other potential problems, such as transmission fluid leaks and conduct any transmission repair as necessary.

Engine's have drain plugs to release old oil, but most transmissions do not have this feature, which means the transmission oil pan must be removed to drain the old fluid. This can be a tough and messy job and is not recommended for the DIY mechanic. While some transmissions do feature a drain plug it is still necessary to change the filter, which can only be done by removing the pan.

It is important to note that not all the fluid will be removed because up to half the fluid can remain in the torque converter and cooler lines which can't be drained without taking the transmission apart. Once the fluid is drained and the filter changed the pan can be placed back on and the transmission can be filled with fluid through the filler tube. It is imperative that the correct type of transmission fluid is used for your particular vehicle. Using the wrong fluid or too much or too little of the right fluid can cause major damage to your transmission.

As noted, transmission service needs to be completed in order to maintain proper operation of the gear shifting mechanism. This maintenance should be done by a professional transmission repair mechanic. If you need expert transmission service in Upper Saddle River bring your vehicle to Gold Seal Transmissions. The highly trained mechanics at our shop can diagnose and repair any issue on the manual or automatic transmission for any vehicle. Call (201) 746-4201 to schedule an appointment for professional transmission repair in New Jersey today at Gold Seal Transmissions.

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