Easy Ways to Ruin Your Transmission


If you really hate your car you should be sure to follow these tips on how to damage the transmission! In reality, you need to use this information to ensure that you provide your car or truck's transmission with a long and healthy life. If you have any of these habits, be sure to drop them immediately!

Ride the clutch

Keeping your foot on the clutch pedal of a manual transmission car while driving is going to cause excessive wear of the clutch plate and clutch linkage. Be sure to always fully remove your foot from the clutch after shifting.

Keep your hand on the shifter

If you keep your hand on the automatic shifter, particularly dash mounted shifters, you can put excessive strain on the transmission as it won't be properly in gear due to the weight of your hand.

Not using the parking brake on hills

If you drive an automatic transmission be sure to set the parking brake, put the car in neutral and let it roll against the brake before putting it in park. This will reduce strain on the transmission.

Downshifting to brake

A quick downshift when the vehicle is operating at high RPMs could result in excessive wear of transmission parts such as the clutch and bands. You car has brakes, use them!

Moving from reverse to drive (or vice versa) before the car comes to a complete stop

Your car needs to be at a complete stop before shifting for go to go backwards!

Incorrect fluid types

Using the wrong type of fluid in a transmission can result in poor lubrication and harsh shifting. Check with your mechanic about which type of fluid is right for your transmission.

Operating at low fluid levels

If you ever notice red liquid collecting under your car it is likely transmission fluid. Operating at low levels of transmission fluid can result in major transmission damage.

Neglecting your car of transmission maintenance

To ensure your car's transmission is operating at the top of its game don't forget to always get it in for routine transmission maintenance. If you're automatic or manual transmission car is due for transmission service in Upper Saddle River head to Gold Seal Transmissions. We offer full service repair and maintenance for all transmission types. Give us a call at (201) 746-4201 to make an appointment for expert transmission repair in Upper Saddle River.

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Written By Brian Corey

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