Why is transmission maintenance so important?


Why is transmission maintenance so important?

There are many different types of maintenance that all cars and trucks require to remain in prime operating condition. While they are all important there are some that must always be done on time as called out by the maintenance schedule found inside the car's owner's manual. One of these is transmission service.

What is transmission service?

There are a few important tasks conducted during routine transmission service. The transmission fluid will be drained and refilled, which is commonly referred to as a transmission fluid flush, and if applicable the transmission filter will be replaced. During this service the transmission pan gasket may also be replaced.

How often does my car need transmission service?

Your owner's manual will tell you at what mileage point your vehicle needs to be brought to the shop for transmission service. It can very greatly from model to model, as some cars require it every 30,000 miles and others not until the 100,000 mile mark. Check your owner's manual to find out when your vehicle is due. So why is transmission service so important for your vehicle? Read on.

Transmission fluid needs to be flushed

As the fluid in your transmission ages it will break down as well as collect contaminants from outside sources. This will make it difficult for the transmission fluid to properly do its job of providing lubrication and assistance with shifting.

Prevents transmission leaks

By replacing the pan gasket of the transmission you will help to prevent leaks which will cause your car to run low on transmission fluid. This issue can result in a number of major problems for your vehicle's transmission.

Prevents the need for a transmission rebuild

By completing routine transmission service you will help to prevent major transmission issues that could require complex repair or even a complete rebuild. What sounds better to you; spending a couple hundred on maintenance or a couple thousand on repairs? You do the math!

At Gold Seal Transmission we offer professional transmission maintenance in Upper Saddle River for all makes and models. Our transmission maintenance facility is staffed by expert technicians who can handle any transmission repair your car or truck will need. Call (201) 746-4201 to make an appointment for transmission service in Upper Saddle River today!

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