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Manual Transmission Repairs and ServiceThe professional mechanics at Gold Seal Transmissions are experts when it comes to repairing problems with manual transmissions. No matter how many gears your transmission has, we can diagnose the issue that you're experiencing and get your vehicle back on the road in a quick and affordable manner. If you experience grinding gears or if the transmission pops into neutral unexpectedly while driving or gives you some sort of other trouble don't delay bringing your car, truck or SUV to Gold Seal Transmissions to have the problem repaired. Call us today at (201) 746-4201 manual transmission repair in Bergen County!

Manual Transmission Repair

We can repair any manual transmission issue, including replacing damaged or worn out gear synchronizers, adjusting clutch linkage, worn gears or other issues. It is a safety concern to use a transmission that does not give you immediate power to the tires, so be sure to have issues diagnosed and repaired right away. Trouble shifting gears can also be caused by the clutch and not the actual transmission. Clutch repairs are often much more affordable than indepth transmission repairs.

Clutch Repair

The clutch is often times at fault for issues with manual transmissions. It may just need to be adjusted, or the clutch disc may need to be replaced. If you're having clutch problems you may experience a grinding noise after engaging the clutch or notice a burning smell that is reminiscent of learning to drive a stick. Regardless of the issue that you're having be sure to contact Gold Seal Transmissions to have it repaired right away!

Transmission Rebuilds & Replacement

For both manual and automatic transmissions we can perform complete rebuilds if deemed necessary. A rebuild is generally only necessary following catastrophic failure and a single part can't just be replaced. We will rebuild your transmission to factory specifications so it will be as if it is brand new! We can also replace your current transmission with a new or quality rebuilt one!

Anytime you experience trouble with your transmission you should not delay having it repaired. The sooner you head to the shop, the less the repair is likely to cost. Call Gold Seal Transmissions at (201) 746-4201 to schedule an appointment for expert manual transmission repair in Upper Saddle River and throughout Bergen County!

5 Stars
"Excellent experience with Gold Seal. Was extremely honest, fair, and cooperative. Informed me of a recall/class action lawsuit regarding my make & model and instructed me to call my dealer; in fact, provided me with a name and number as well. He used my vin number to accurately identify whether or not my car was suitable to be covered by this recall/lawsuit. He could have easily taken my business without helping me save 3 grand (or more). Honesty and integrity! I would gladly give them my business again when my car troubles are not covered under warranty. Thank you for your honesty and all your help. Highly recommend."

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5 Stars
"When I first realized I had a transmission problem, I did a search of what places I should bring my car it to. Gold Seal was the first on the search and it had such great reviews I decided to bring it here. I am so glad this is where I brought my car. Guy and Kort are very knowledgable when answering questions and always made me feel like I was talking to a person who cared about my car as if it was their own. It is rare to find such nice and knowledgable people in the mechanic world today. I will always refer people to them and if I ever need service in the future this will the the only place I will bring my car."