Transmission Maintenance Upper Saddle River, NJ

Transmission Maintenance Upper Saddle River, NJAll vehicle's need regular maintenance of their many systems in order to operate at optimal health. Transmissions are no different! At Gold Seal Transmissions we can perform the factory scheduled services that your transmission requires! Proper transmission maintenance will ensure that your vehicle does not run into problems that will require extensive automatic or manual transmission repair. Call Gold Seal Transmissions at (201) 746-4201 to schedule an appointment for expert manual or automatic transmission maintenance in Bergen County and the surrounding areas!

Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush

Your automatic transmission uses a unique fluid in order to help shift through the gears. While quite infrequent, this fluid does need to be drained and replaced as it can break down and cause issues for your transmission. Your vehicle manufacturer will make recommendations about mileage intervals for certain services, so be sure to refer to your owner's manual or ask a member of the Gold Seal team how often you need to service your transmission.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Filter

When your fluid is flushed we will also replace the filter inside your transmission that keeps the fluid clean. This will ensure that the fluid can flow properly through the transmission and keep gears shifting smoothly.

Manual Transmission Service

We regularly conduct manual transmission service. This includes changing the oil in the gearbox, conducting clutch adjustments and replacing manual transmission fluid, which should be done about every 30,000 miles for most vehicles to ensure proper lubrication.

If your vehicle is due for transmission service don't neglect it, as doing so could lead to major problems. Call Gold Seal Transmissions at (201) 746-4201 to schedule an appointment for fast and affordable transmission maintenance in Upper Saddle River for residents throughout Bergen County!

5 Stars
"I don't know how these guys were able to build a 4.88 ratio front axle that has zero gear whine. Seriously it is completely silent when I engage 4x4. Best shop out there hands down."

5 Stars
"Superior customer service. Owner and staff take much pride in their work and perform follow-up to ensure work is done correctly. All work is guaranteed. First stop for all transmission related repairs."

5 Stars
"I highly recommend Gold Seal. During the past year I have had two Major Repairs done by Gold Seal. One was a complete Transmission Rebuild on a 5 speed Mitsubishi Eclipse and the other was a complete Front Axle on a 4WD Dodge Ram."

5 Stars
"We use Gold Seal Transmissions for all of our fleet for our company. The owner Guy is friendly and caring about your needs and is honest which is the most important part which is very hard to find these days."

5 Stars
"Great service, but most important of all, perfect work. Only shop I can trust."


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